Predict would like to offer you a fast, secure and personalized user experience on the website with cookies and similar technologies. Cookies give us insight into the use of certain functions and this enables us to improve Predict for all users. Here we explain in more detail what cookies are, how we and our partners and third-party providers use cookies and how you can control the use of cookies.

By accessing or using our website without deactivating cookies on your device or deactivating cookies from third parties, you consent to our use of these cookies and the information that we collect with them. If you do not agree, please deactivate or block cookies in your browser. You can find more detailed information about which data we collect from our users in our Privacy Policy.



Cookies are small text files that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit it. With the help of these cookies, the website remembers your actions and settings for a certain period of time so that you do not have to re-enter this information when you visit the website again or surf from one page to the next.



Like most websites, Predict uses cookies to provide, measure and improve the platform. We always use secure cookies. This means that the data it contains is always transmitted over an encrypted connection.



Some functions of the website require that the data on one page are temporarily stored for reuse on another page. Our cookies for user input (user input cookies) are persistent cookies, i.e. they are active for a period of between a few days and several years.



We use cookies as a preventative measure. They prevent malicious attackers from taking control of your Predict account and acting without your knowledge and consent. The data from these cookies are sent back from your browser to together with other data and are used to check whether this data actually comes from you. These cookies are session cookies that expire when you close your browser.
The security cookies can be blocked. However, doing so can cause Predict to stop performing certain functions.



When you log in to your Predict account, we set an encrypted cookie with which we can uniquely identify you so that you will automatically remain logged in on subsequent visits to This is a permanent cookie that expires after 90 days and is renewed every time you visit Predict.
Authentication cookies can be blocked. However, doing so may prevent you from being able to sign in to Predict.



Many functions of the website save your settings in cookies, such as how a function is displayed or used.
Settings cookies can be blocked. However, this can mean that all functions that rely on saving the settings are not carried out.



In order to understand how our users interact with certain functions of Predict and to further improve the website, we collect partially anonymized data about website usage and store it in cookies. We also store a cookie with a unique random value so that we can anonymously identify you every time you visit the website. These cookies can be active for any length of time, from one session to several years.
You can refuse analysis cookies using the instructions in the section “How to control cookies”.



In addition to the cookies that we set ourselves, we also work with various well-known companies who provide Predict with certain services, including advertising, and which help us to analyze how visitors use Predict and to optimize the user experience. In general, the following applies to these cookies:

• They enable functions and experiences on Predict that are adapted to your activities and preferences.
• They collect information about preferences from you and other users and thus help us to create more useful products.
• They help to keep Predict up and running by enabling unique pop-ups, notifications and messages to users, experiences when logging in, and collecting impressions and click data.
• They enable Predict and our partners to offer you relevant advertising to support your growth as a company and to provide you with many services free of charge.
• They help diagnose and correct downtime, errors and malfunctions in our code to ensure that our products work efficiently.


You can find more information about these companies and the cookies they use below.


Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a service provided by Google that helps us analyze how users interact with and navigate the Predict website. Google Analytics uses cookies to anonymously collect statistical data on how you use the website. You cannot be personally identified from this data and the data is only used in aggregated form to analyze broader trends in website use. Google Analytics can set one or more cookies with different durations. You can find more information about each of these cookies and their purposes here. You can unsubscribe from Google Analytics here.
Predict uses advertising reports from Google Analytics, such as B. the reports from Google Analytics on demographic characteristics and interests.


Google Ads
Google Ads is an advertising delivery service provided by Google. Google uses cookies to help ensure that you receive more relevant advertising. Google services also enable Predict to provide you with updates on Predict’s products, policies, and businesses. Predict does not provide any personally identifiable information to Google.
Here you can modify your personalized advertising preferences, deactivate personalized advertising and remove cookies.
We also have partnerships with several advertising exchanges on Google, some of which use additional cookies to help deliver more relevant advertising to you.


Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace
Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace is a service that provides advertising. Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace uses cookies that help ensure that you receive more relevant advertising. You can find more information about the purpose of these cookies here. If you want to deactivate this cookie, please visit Amazon’s advertising preferences page.


Related technologies
In addition to cookies, we use comparable technologies on Predict that collect and save user data as described here.


Transparent GIFs
Transparent GIFs are also known as web beacons or pixel tags. They are small pictures that appear in emails we send to our users. They keep track of whether the e-mails are opened and forwarded to other users. This information gives us an insight into the usefulness and relevance of the emails we send to our users.
If you would like to stop receiving advertising emails from us, you can simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each such email.


HTML 5 local storage
HTML5 Local Storage is an industry standard and technology that stores data in the browser, similar to cookies. The difference is that the data is only available in your browser and is not sent back to the server like cookies when a new page is loaded. Google Analytics partly store data in local storage. We use these services for the purposes mentioned above. With some browsers, the local storage can be deleted in the same way as the cookies. Read the relevant documentation for your browser to find out more.



In addition to the option described above for deactivating third-party cookies, you can also control or delete the cookies used by Predict at any time. Instructions on how to do this, which may vary depending on the browser you are using and your location, can be found at or You can delete all cookies on your computer and set up most browsers so that no cookies are set. Please note, however, that you will no longer be able to log into your Predict account and that many of the study modes and other functions on our website may no longer work properly.