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Tailored Learning Process


Our platform analyzes the user’s learning style from the very beginning. We observe the user’s moves, steps, and even decisions he makes while playing. We put this together with the time, the place, and the way he chooses to play.


As a second step, after the analysis results, comes personalization. And this is where you abandon your previous learning experience… Based on the analysis, we select for you: the optimal question types, in-app gamification elements, intensity and length of learning, time of the day or a week, and when you should learn to be the most effective.


We continuously follow your learning process and help you to improve your results. We might decide to update the difficulty of the tasks according to their progress or change the time and intensity suggested before. All to increase your engagement and motivation to the fullest, so you can improve knowledge retention.

Learning Plan

The learning plan created by LearnUp’s algorithms is based on the 3 steps we bulleted higher – Analysis, Personalization, and Optimization. It is tailored to the user’s aptitude, availability, and momentary preferences to increase engagement and motivation, thereby reducing learning time and dropout rate.

Just like a good tutor, LearnUp makes sure the student is systematic, although, unlike a tutor, we are resistant to excuses, we will not be fooled, the work must be done.

Following the plan, guarantees the achievement of the assigned goals.

How does the plan work?

Boost the learning process

Three technological steps we take to make your learning the most effective.

1. Registration

Using telemetry, we record the user’s movements inside and outside the application, so we have a clear picture of the user’s activity pattern.

2. Analysis

Based on telemetry data as well as psychological research we have been doing for almost two years – we study similarities with other users to match the best performing behavior patterns to the user’s process.

3. Influence

By understanding the user’s behavior and style, we can adjust the difficulty of tasks, and intensity of learning, and recommend optimal places and times for study.

Who is LearnUp for?


Create your own quiz based on chosen material or accept the invitation to someone else’s quiz. You can also send an invitation to your quiz or share it on your social media!

Easy, fun, entertaining.


Create online tests based on quizzes and gamification elements for your students. Follow their results and see how you can improve the course.

Boost their engagement and make them want to come back for more!


Create scalable online training programs to ensure your staff is always up to date with the right skills and competencies to ensure consistency and standardization.

Keep up to date with the newest technology and benefit from it!

Why LearnUp?

What’s the biggest problem of education?

That there are not teachers that each can take care of only one student. Luckily, thanks to the development of technology, learning has also been digitized.

Let’s stop here!

…but what about the personalized attention that a teacher could provide that generic online content cannot? By digitalization of education only the problem of accessibility has been solved, not the effectiveness

of learning – and that’s the gap LearnUp sets out to fix.

Our approach is to provide the experience of one-on-one work with a teacher, but in a digitalized form, where the role of the teacher is taken over by our algorithms.

Doesn’t matter if you are a student willing to improve learning skills or a teacher who wants to boost student’s engagement, you are in good hands.

Using LearnUp is a piece of cake. Few steps, long term benefit. That’s it.

How to create a quiz

About Us

We are a technology company specializing in the field of educational innovation.

Our team consists of several dozen experts – scientists and specialists in the field of data science, psychology, and behavioral sciences.

We believe that each person has an individual learning pattern. We want to give you a powerful tool – which will become a precursor in the field of online learning. Join our adventure, and become a part of Predict Systems by sharing your knowledge and taking advantage of our advanced tools.

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